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Welcome to lecale Gaelic Society, the heart of the Irish langauge community in the lecale area

Lecale Gaelic Society was established in 1979. It is a charitable organization that operates without any bias towards political or religious matters. Lecale Gaelic Society is the heart of the Irish language community in the Lecale area. 

We organise Irish language classes for all levels, monthly social events, family groups, an outreach scheme with the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association), and local English-speaking primary schools on a weekly basis, as well as various tours and competitions throughout the year. 


Take a leap into our culture.

Start your Irish Language Journey Today!

Do you want to Learn Irish? Or did you learn Irish at school and wish you had kept learning throughout your adult life? 

You can make the first step today and get your Irish language journey underway! Our classes cater for a wide range of abilities, from beginner classes to silver and gold Fáinne.

Classes for Every Level


Perfect for anyone starting their journey into the Irish language.


For those working towards their Silver Fáinne.


This class will prepare the participants for a Gold Fáinne and beyond.